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Top 5 Tips For Anyone Interested in Marketing

Top 5 Tips For Anyone Interested in Marketing

So, you’re thinking about getting into marketing? Or maybe it’s something that you’ve been considering for a while. You realize in the world of influencers and social media that you have the knack to put a marketing strategy together. Maybe you even helped out one of your friends with a new business venture they were working on, and it went well.

Whatever the case may be, more often than you realize, people who work in marketing are asked by strangers that find out they work in the industry how they can do marketing themselves. As human beings, each of us has a unique voice in the world and a point of view through which we see everything around us. While it’s a part of human nature, those that can tap into that view and see everyone else’s viewpoint possess a powerful marketing tool already in their marketing toolbox. The great thing is that this can also be a learned skill.

Getting your first marketing job is a whole other incredibly daunting undertaking in and of itself. Without doing your research ahead of time or knowing even what to be preparing yourself for, it can lead you down a path of frustration.

Today, we wanted to take some time and discuss my top 5 tips for anyone interested in pursuing a marketing career. Things that you’ll want to be adding to your arsenal of marketing tools and skills as you move down the path and into your new career in marketing. This way, when you’re asked, “How’d you get into marketing?” you already have the answer.

1. Know the marketing job that you want

If you’re just starting to look at making the career switch into marketing, you may not even have a clue yet what type of role you want to pursue. That’s okay. It’s essential before you go further down this new career path that you take the time necessary to research and identify which of the marketing roles/jobs that you want to pursue. There are quite a few possibilities from brand management to email marketing, or product marketing, or social media marketing. And each of those types of marketing roles requires knowledge of their markets.

2. Do your research

This is research that is above and beyond what you’ve done to identify the type of marketing career you want to pursue. You’re interested in marketing, so you already know that it’s essential to know the market. Knowing what everyone else is doing is a large part of working in marketing. This brings us to your research. Start subscribing and reading marketing experts’ blogs, newsletters, and social media accounts and postings. Following them will allow you to learn what trends are working right now, and you’ll also start to get a clearer picture of the types of companies or brands you want to work for and with. Part of this research is also setting up informational interviews with actual marketers. Talk to people who work in the profession about how they got there, what they’ve learned, their biggest successes, even more significant failures. Learn as much as you can and soak it all up. This can also lead you to discover a mentor, which leads us to…

3. Find a mentor to guide you 

Having a mentor in any career can open a gateway to experience and knowledge that you wouldn’t receive in formal education at any school. Find a mentor that works in the same marketing career you’re interested in pursuing. Most people who are at that level understand how important it is to guide people on a similar path. Mentors will be able to help you bounce things off that you’re thinking about, figure out your way as you go by introducing you to the right people. This can save you more time than you would think while advancing your marketing career.

4. Create your own content and build a portfolio

One of the best ways to put your marketing techniques and strategies to the test is to put them into action. Set up a blog or an Instagram account that focuses on a niche, and start building your marketing strategies and campaigns. Doing this will build up quantifiable marketing experience and give you digital marketing skills with proven results. Learn which types of marketing platforms that you feel most comfortable with, that works best with your marketing style and approach, and start analyzing the data. While taking on your own marketing, find time to start doing freelance marketing jobs to get the real-world marketing experience you’ll need. Ask friends or your mentor if anyone may have some marketing they need to be done for a brand or product they own or are working with.

5. Learn as many marketing skills as you can

As you’re transitioning into a new career in marketing, you’re going to want to be sure that you absorb as much marketing knowledge as possible. There is a treasure trove of material online that you can start learning and developing your skills within the realm of marketing. Whether it’s SEO work, Google Analytics, copywriting, and much more. Set aside an hour or two every day to start taking digital marketing courses online, and focus them on skills you don’t yet have. This way you’re just adding to your marketing resume for any jobs you seek out later on.

When it comes to a career in marketing, start making it a point to focus on these five tips, and see how much closer you feel. Getting into marketing is no easy task, but if you put in the time and effort, research and practice, you’ll set yourself apart from the rest when it comes times to apply for that new marketing job.

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