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Our Faith, Our Responsibility: A Muslim Speaks Out Against Hate

Our Faith, Our Responsibility: A Muslim Speaks Out Against Hate

In recent days, our world has been witness to the tragic events unfolding in the Middle East. As a Muslim, I believe it is essential that we do not stand idly by, but rather, raise our voices against the injustices being committed. It is equally crucial not to let the turmoil abroad taint our relationships here in the UK.

This morning, as I glanced at the reports piled on my desk, I was disheartened to find numerous accounts of Islamophobic and anti-Semitic incidents that have occurred in our own country over the past three days. While police-recorded hate crimes have seen a 5% decrease from March 2022 to March 2023, Home Office figures reveal a disturbing 9% increase in “religiously motivated” hate crimes during the same period. Muslims have emerged as the most frequently targeted group, constituting 2 in every 5 “perceived” victims, accounting for 39% of the incidents, with a staggering 3,452 offenses in the year 2022/23. Shockingly, despite this surge in religiously motivated hate crimes, funding for monitoring anti-Muslim hate has decreased.

This concerning trend is particularly disheartening, given the dehumanisation of individuals, especially refugees, many of them being Muslim, who seek safety within our borders. Scapegoating refugees for the economic and other challenges our country faces is not only unjust but fuels a climate of hostility where they are attacked simply for being present in the UK. The sources of these challenges can be found in the seats of power, not in disenfranchised people seeking help. We must take a stand and report Islamophobic attacks. If you are witness to a hate-based crime – report it!

Reporting religiously motivated hate crimes plays a crucial role in bringing Islamophobia to the forefront of public consciousness. When victims and witnesses report these incidents, they shine a spotlight on the magnitude of the problem, making it impossible for society to turn a blind eye. Heightened awareness can foster increased public discourse and understanding of this pressing issue. Furthermore, reporting hate crimes is vital in holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. Law enforcement agencies can investigate reported incidents, identify suspects, and ensure justice is served. This not only provides closure to victims but also sends a resounding message that acts of hatred and violence will not be tolerated.

Additionally, reporting hate crimes ensures that victims receive the protection and support they deserve. The Jewish community has an impressive support network in place to assist victims of anti-Semitic attacks, including legal assistance, counselling, and advocacy. Reporting Islamophobic attacks is a step towards building a similar support network, allowing victims to access resources and find solace in the knowledge that they are not alone. Data from reported hate crimes can also drive policy changes at both the local and national levels. When authorities acknowledge the extent of the problem, this may pave the way towards the drafting of legislation and implementation of programmes aimed at addressing and eradicating Islamophobia. We must recognise that if we fail to report these attacks, we cannot influence the change and support we desperately need. The recent surge in Islamophobic attacks underscores the urgent need for vigilance, awareness and action. Reporting religiously motivated hate crimes is a fundamental step in confronting and ultimately eradicating Islamophobia. It not only supports victims but also sends a powerful message that discrimination and violence have no place in a just and inclusive society.

We must understand that our ability to effect change in the face of Islamophobia hinges on our willingness to take action. It is not enough to simply voice our concerns and complaints; we must actively report incidents of Islamophobia to drive meaningful change. In confronting Islamophobia, the power lies within each one of us to be proactive. It is incumbent upon us, as members of a diverse and inclusive society, to not only recognise the existence of prejudice and discrimination but to also confront it head-on. By reporting instances of Islamophobia, we become agents of change, contributing to a larger movement aimed at eradicating hatred and fostering understanding. When we choose to report these incidents, we illuminate the dark corners where bigotry thrives. Our actions increase awareness, sparking dialogue and empathy within our communities. Reporting is a tangible expression of our commitment to combating discrimination and bias, reinforcing the values of unity and acceptance.

To combat this rising tide of hatred, we must all do our part in reporting and condemning Islamophobic incidents, reaffirming our commitment to the principles of tolerance, diversity, and freedom. We must stand together against all forms of hatred — please report Islamophobia.

If you have experienced or witnessed a religiously motivated attack, you can also reach out to us for support in reporting the incident. Together, we can make a difference.


In an emergency, you should call 999.

You can report it Online.

You can report it by phone or at your local police station. To find your nearest police station, use the local police force finder on the police’s website.

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