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5 Reasons To Be Hopeful In The Midst Of This Pandemic

5 Reasons To Be Hopeful In The Midst Of This Pandemic

Amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus, most news outlets are continuing to report the rise in infectious cases and the increasing death toll worldwide. Countries have enforced strict lockdowns, and millions of people around the globe have been staying indoors. But I assure you it’s not all doom and gloom. During this time, staying indoors has had a number of positive effects on the world and human society that should not go unnoticed.

Here are just 5 of them:

1- Declining Pollution Levels

With millions of people working from home, and factories, schools, leisure centres, places of worship and local businesses being temporarily closed, such measures have contributed to a significant drop in pollution levels.

Less people are using public transport, airlines have cancelled flights and people are only travelling if necessary. It has been found by researchers in New York that “carbon monoxide, mainly from cars, had been reduced by nearly 50% compared with last year.” Some countries, such as, Northern Italy and China have witnessed a major drop in nitrogen dioxide, and this is particularly a result of reduced car journeys and industrial activity. The Centre for International Climate Research has found that there has been an improvement in air quality due to decrease of burning of fossil fuels. 

At a time where climate change has been among the highest of concerns for countries worldwide, the positives of this unexpected side effect cannot be understated. 

2- A Clear Venice

Italy, the country experiencing the worst effects of the virus, has noticed clearer canals. Due to lockdown, people are staying indoors and popular tourist locations are empty, and this has improved the water canals in Venice. A reduction in water traffic has enabled sediment to settle, and the water is so clear that you can see fish swimming in the canal!

3- Growing Community Spirit

We have witnessed a heightened sense of community spirit among people from all around the world. Many initiatives have been set up to help those that are vulnerable and require extra support, particularly the elderly. People have signed up to volunteer to offer their time and effort to collect and deliver grocery shopping, provide medical provisions, and even a telephone befriending service to those in isolation.

Also, in response to the panic buying and all the chaos that came with it, many supermarkets have introduced an ‘elderly hour’ so that the elderly and those that require assistance have a chance to purchase their necessities stress-free. 

People are also showing tremendous support and love for healthcare workers who are on the frontline in the battle against the virus. At 8pm on Thursday last week people across the UK stood on their doorsteps and balconies to applaud NHS workers in a show of appreciation for their efforts. 

4- People Are Exploring New Skills And Interests

With most people staying at home during lockdowns, there is plenty more time to explore new skills and develop new interests. Many have taken to social media to showcase their new skills like painting, art, sewing, reading, learning a new musical instrument, photography, baking, learning a new language and watching online videos to deepen their current interests. 

The home-made dalgona (or whipped) coffee seems to be the latest viral social media trend. Have you tried it yet?

5- Quality Family Time

Spending time at home has also provided the opportunity for families to bond and spend time together. With many continuing to work from home, it has become arguably easier for parents and carers to balance their work and family life. Having quality time with family through, for example, enjoying group activities, watching a movie, helping with chores or even having dinner together helps to strengthen ties with one another, especially in a world where life is far too demanding and fast-paced, that family can often feel distant.  

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