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5 Halal DIY Restaurant Meal Kits in London You Have to Try

5 Halal DIY Restaurant Meal Kits in London You Have to Try

Tired of cooking and just want to have a restaurant quality meal in your own home? Why not opt for a halal DIY meal kit from one of your favourite restaurants. Many restaurants that serve halal have rolled out with fun kits that you can put together and eat in the comfort of your own kitchen in your jammies. 

From cheesy philly cheesesteaks to juicy burgers to melt-in-the-mouth brisket and beef ribs, you won’t have trouble finding something to satisfy your restaurant craving when it comes to the weekend.

Here are some great options below for you to check out:


Passyunk Avenue, hands down, does the best halal philly cheesesteak in London and it would be a travesty to have to miss out on these goodies due to COVID. Luckily, they are churning out love bundles that contain all the ingredients to make your own philly cheesesteak at home plus their super delicious chicken wings too. 

Cost: £49.99 for a philly cheesesteak and wing combo LOVEbundle, this can feed at least four people. 

Halal Status: Beef, chicken, and turkey are halal.

Delivery: Free delivery available to all UK mainland postcodes. Order by Tuesday night for delivery Wednesday through Friday. 

Order here:


It might be a while until you get your halal burger fix but why not whip one up on your own using Nanny Bill’s DIY burger kit. The Hot Box kit comes with burger mince, secret burger salt, lots of cheese, and all the condiments. Why not add in the brisket and the mac and cheese croquettes too to really seal the deal?

Cost: £25 for a Hotbox kit. This can feed at least four people.

Halal Status: Beef and brisket is halal. Please specify halal and no bacon when ordering as the bacon is not halal. 

Delivery: £5 delivery for all London postcodes and £10 for outside London, Essex, and Hertfordshire postcodes. Orders will need to be placed by Thursday 11pm latest for the same week delivery on Friday (e.g. order by Thursday 11th June for delivery on Friday 12th June)

Order here: Nanny Bills Order Form


As you know, I’m a hardcore advocate for Cue Point’s nacos aka Afghan naan tacos. For £30, you can order their naco kit for 3 which includes 250g brisket and 250g smoked lamb with the mini naans and an assortment of toppings. 

The instructions are easy to follow and just consist of 3 easy steps:

  1. Toast and butter the naans
  2. Boil the vacuum sealed bags of meat
  3. Garnish and eat. 

Easy and delicious. 

Cost: £30 for a bbq kit for 3 people. This can easily feed four people. 

Halal Status: All meats served here are halal. 

Delivery:  West London delivery available on Fridays and costs £5. This must be within 5km of W12 7TQ.
East London delivery available on Saturdays and costs £5. This must be within 5km of N1 6HD. 
Order cut off for the same week delivery for both East and West London is Wednesday 10pm.

Collection:  West London collection available on Fridays only at W12 7TQ and the East London collection is available on Saturdays at N1 6HD. Order cut off for the same week collection is Wednesday 10pm. 

Order here:


Another BBQ DIY kit coming your way with a Smoke and Bones variety box. Each box consists of veal ribs, brisket, squishy brioche buns, barbeque sauce, condiments, and their gooey mac and cheese. You can choose from a box for 2, 4, or 8. They are also selling their pastrami and a beef rib box too.  

Cost: The variety box starts from £35 and the smallest size can feed 2 people.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. 

Delivery: Available to all UK postcodes. 

Order here: 


Fancy a good ol’ steak at home but want it to be real special – why not look into the Zelman steak selection. Whilst they are in the making of a halal steak box, you can order their Australian rib eye and fillet steaks with sauces of choice. Bring that Zelman experience home! 

Cost: Halal steaks start from £14 per steak. 

Halal Status: The Australian ribeye (from Zelman) and the Australian fillet (from Beast) steaks are halal right now but do ask before purchasing as suppliers may change.

Delivery: Available to all UK postcodes

Order here: 

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