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The U.K. Black African & Afro Caribbean Awards: What a blast!!!

The U.K. Black African & Afro Caribbean Awards: What a blast!!!

What a blast!!!

The U.K. Black (African & Afro Caribbean) Muslim Awards 2023 on Saturday 18th of March was a blast. Co- hosted by Sunlight Coaching, Rabaah Publishers, The Salam Project & Balad U.K. Community. It was a full house at the Patidar Theatre in north west London. There were inspiring motivational talks from Dr Funmi Abari,  LaYinka Sanni,  Craig Pinkney, Rakin Niass and the uncompromising Ustadh Danjuma Bihari.  The exceptional comedy which had the whole theatre in in rapturous laughter was provided by  Ola Labib who shared some of her colourful experiences of being a hijabi NHS pharmacist of Sudanese parentage.

The performances from cutting edge artists who utilised Reggae, Hip Hop, Drill, Grime and Spoken Word with a U.K. Muslim theme. The awards celebrated the achievers in community work, sports, academia, STEM and charity work. Amina Adwoa Ofori – Fetuga who was the diligent project production manager stated that these awards are able to bring African/Afro Caribbean Muslims from diverse communities and various school of thoughts to celebrate under the same roof with love.

Ali Kamara from The BruvTV Podcast and Muneera Pilgrim had the audience captivated with their engaging hosting skills. ‘The awards was sponsored by The Aziz Foundation and Rabaah Publishing who deserve a lot of credit for their support’ Ismael of The Salam Project stated., ‘These awards are to celebrate the achievers, the trailblazers, and glass ceiling breakers from our community who are British Muslims of African & Caribbean heritage.’ He went on to say ‘This is with the aim to inspire young people in our communities to excel in society… Yes, I can be Black, British, Muslim and achieve!!!!’ Tariq who was a delighted audience member passionately told me, ‘Yes, racism exists, anti blackness exists, Islamophobia exists but it can’t always be doom and gloom. We need to celebrate the people who are working to overcome these society boundaries and being a success to inspire us all’ The awards is co founded by Ismael Lea South, Rakin Niass & Amina Adwoa Ofori – Fetuga. They have already started to plan for next years awards to make it bigger and better.

The winners!!!!

1. Mustafa Brigs (Author of the Year)
2. Juweyria Abdullahi Star Sisters FC (Sports  Champion of the Year)
3. Mother and Child Welfare Organisation (Charity of the Year)
4. Adana Munu (Journalists of the Year)
5. Rashidat Adeyinka Hassan (Community Activist of the Year)
6. Danjuma Bihari (Community Champion of the Year)
7. Zariah’s Catering Services (Catering Services of the Year)
8. Tariq Darren Bernard of App Workshops (STEM Champion of the Year)
9. La Yinka Sanni (Humanitarian of the Year)
10. Ahmad Ikhlas (Poet of the Year)
11. Suada Mohamoud (Female Empowerment Champion)
12. Mirriam Grillo (Creative Artist of the Year)
13. Francesca Muhammad (Business Entrepreneur of the Year)
14. Yusuf Bilal (Health Advocate of the Year)
15.  Khaled Siddiq (Performing Artist of the Year)
16. Rashidat Adeyinka Hassan (Community Activist of the Year)

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