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A Heartfelt Tribute to All Mothers | Mother’s Day

A Heartfelt Tribute to All Mothers | Mother’s Day

There is so much I could say about motherhood, but since the recent developments around the world regarding the coronavirus, it has thrown me off so much. I’m sure so many of us are feeling a little lost right now, unable to digest what is happening around us. There is so much uncertainty and anxiety about the future. But let me tell you about something that is certain: a mother’s love for her children. 

And amongst the chaos of the world stood a woman who felt everything so deeply. 

She dreamt, for her whole life, of carrying a child in her arms, and the moment she found out she was pregnant, an unbreakable, unspoken bond had formed. After all, this child is the only one who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside. The architecture of her body that creates him inside of her is breathtaking. She devotes herself to everything about this child – every moment that she gives of herself is a lifetime of devotion for this child. Her body feeds him, protects him, nurtures him until he is ready to enter this world. 

She works tirelessly to shield her child from harm. Everyday, this woman stands tall – but her body will tell you that she is crumbling on the inside. Her back aches, her hands are overworked, and her legs give way. She smiles and laughs along with her children, but only God knows how much she worries on the inside. She feels so much guilt for every moment she cannot meet her children’s needs, or comfort them from their fears.

Over the years she sacrifices so much of herself that when she looks in the mirror, she no longer recognises the person she has become. A lifetime of service for those that she loves has aged her. Now she has strands of white hair that glisten in the sun, wrinkles around her eyes and mouth from all the times she cried and laughed, and a heart so full of love, that until her final breath she still feels like she hasn’t done enough. 

Now she walks along the garden of Eden, dressed in a long white gown that trails behind her. She hunches her back and moves steadily but gracefully amongst the angels of the world. Her fingers touch the flowers around her and she closes her eyes. Finally she is at peace. Her soul may have returned to her Lord, but her love is with those she left behind. 

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and one that captures the true essence of this world; the brutality and the beauty all in one.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women who walk this earth. 

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