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“I’m the son of the UK’s richest gypsy, but now I’ve made a life changing conversion”

“I’m the son of the UK’s richest gypsy, but now I’ve made a life changing conversion”

Son of Britain’s richest gypsy, Alfie Best Jr, states that he has found spiritual contentment after reverting to Islam.

Alfie Best Jnr, son of one of the richest people in the country, Alfie Snr, reckons that he is the first gypsy to embrace Islam, with him ditching booze and clubbing to now reading the Quran.

The 25-year-old millionaire has an estimated net worth of £341 million – he cruises in a £180,000 Bentayga Bentley, has a £1.2million fifth-floor Knightsbridge flat overlooking Harrods and flaunts a £150,000 platinum watch encrusted with grains of stone from a meteorite.

Since becoming Muslims, he now prays five times a day and visits a mosque at least once a week, all after finding Allah’s call from a helicopter flight to Cornwall for lunch.

The millionaire and four friends took a helicopter to a five-star hotel in his father’s £4.5 million Aston Martin helicopter for lunch last September but had to return early as one of his friend’s mother was in a mosque in Lewisham, South London, for The Shahadah-declaration of faith.

Alfie Best Jnr in his Range Rover (Image: Alfie Best Jnr/Instagram)

He revealed to The Sun: “We were going for food afterwards, so it was either sit outside in the car or take my shoes off and go into the mosque. My friend cried as he watched his mum take her Shahada.

“And I felt something I haven’t experienced before in any religious place. It made my whole body tingle, like this is right for me.

“Something was trying to either contact me or something was trying to reach me.”

“It was very, very strange but in a good way. I felt I belonged there.”

The entrepreneur, who is also a super-featherweight professional boxer, left school at 12, hired a van and a driver to sell cleaning products to factory bosses.

His small business boomed so he bought a nightclub just four years later – which he sold after 12 months – and now he owns two caravan parks and sells expensive watches.

Alfie Jnr added: “I’m unique – I’m the only gypsy who has converted to Islam.

He declared his faith at Regent’s Park and also unveiled that his father had reservations about his new choice, but his mother was fully supportive.

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