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ImamConnect: Putting Islamic Services at Your Fingertips

ImamConnect: Putting Islamic Services at Your Fingertips

Earlier this year, British Muslim social entrepreneur, Muddassar Ahmed, launched ImamConnect, a platform described as an “Uber for Imams” that connects users, especially young, technologically-savvy Muslims, with Imams, religious experts and general faith-based services.

One of ImamConnect’s target audiences are Muslim communities who do not have access to a mosque, a community or religious services locally but are in search of trustworthy religious support and guidance. Muddassar and his team sought to address this gap by creating an online marketplace that allows vetted and talented experts to achieve a wider reach online, especially women and those from minority backgrounds.

Coming at a time when many mosques are closed or admitting limited numbers of people due to the coronavirus outbreak, ImamConnect could offers a vital service.

ImamConnect Aims to Reach The “Unmosqued”

According to ImamConnect’s founders, only 16% of British Muslims and 6% of American Muslims attend mosques regularly. Many of those who do not attend, however, still seek religious advice and services. Furthermore, services provided by Imams are often hindered by their low pay – especially when compared to the clergies of other faiths – and limited reach outside their immediate communities. These problems have worsened since the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, ImamConnect, which describes itself as the “world’s first-ever online marketplace for Muslim services” offers a whole new way for Muslims to obtain services and practitioner-led support.

Among the services offered are matters rooted in Islamic law such as wills and inheritance; marriage and pre-marital counselling; divorce counselling; domestic abuse support; general religious counselling services; religious and Sharia education; mental health; life-coaching and many others. The services offered are not all strictly religious but matters that can apply to all facets of religious lifestyle.

Those looking for services can narrow results down based on location, language and denomination, with services available for both Sunni and Shia branches of Islam, as well as pan-Islamic matters. Meetings can be arranged both online and in-person.

Every service provider listed has a biography with their experiences and expertise, allowing users to pick the service most suited to their needs.

Practitioners Are Vetted Carefully

ImamConnect has a vetting process that includes DBS and background checks, and a review of professional qualifications and referrals from previous institutions. This ensures that only the most qualified and trusted providers can offer services.

The listing of every service provider will also include a 5-star rating system and a review comments section, allowing users to have a better sense of the quality of service from authentic bookings. A dedicated customer service team is also available to address any issues users may have.

The founders’ goal is not is not to replace traditional institutions. Those will always be needed. However, fewer first and second-generation British Muslims who are savvy on social media don’t engage the traditional community spaces. ImamConnect offers a service that brings together Muslims and Islamic services of many kinds in a safe online global marketplace.

ImamConnect launched in August 2020.