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Black British Islamic Bureau (BBIB) Established to Challenge Anti-Black Racism

Black British Islamic Bureau (BBIB) Established to Challenge Anti-Black Racism

Due to the Black Lives Matter uproar and the recent research findings by the Black Muslim Forum of chronic racism in parts of Muslim communities in the UK, a group of academics, professionals, community activists and practitioners have come together to form BBIB. Black Muslim organisations like The Heal Project, The Salam Project, Islamic Action, Emotional Insight, The Salamat Foundation and many others are enthusiastically supporting this cause.

BBIB is a collaboration of Black British Muslims from various schools of thought and sects who have come together for a cause to challenge anti-Blackness and racism in Muslim communities, and the Muslim world more broadly. As we know, Islam forbids racism in The Holy Quran and Hadeeths but sadly the overwhelming response to a recent webinar about Black British Muslims’ experiences with mosques, charities and so-called Muslim television stations has confirmed that anti-Black attitudes are prominent.

As an organisation, BBIB have reached out to MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board), MCB (Muslim Council of Britain), ISB (Islamic Society of Britain) and MCF (Muslim Charities Forum). All four organisations’ senior management have been receptive and are open to working with BBIB who will deliver anti-Blackness workshops in partnership. BBIB’s co-chair, Muhammad Sulaiman, says he is “feeling optimistic for the first time in 30 years” that real change can happen.

MINAB has also pledged for BBIB to deliver anti-Blackness workshops at mosques based in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The MCB have pledged to support a mosque and institution tour where BBIB will be facilitating workshop presentations on countering systemic racism in communities. Co-chair Anisa Kissoon, has stated that we “aim to challenge anti-Blackness in the UK and in the Muslim world.” This includes Saudi Arabia, India and Iran.

BBIB have also recommended credible Black Muslim community activists to be functionally integrated in the management of organisations such as MCB, MINAB and ISB. These recommended Black Muslim consultants will be starting their roles in August and September. BBIB will also be facilitating anti-Blackness workshops in Muslim schools and to Muslim charity committees around the country.  BBIB’s northern representative, Ahmed James is “excited and optimistic in working together to build bridges in communities.” BBIB can be found on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. 

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