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5 Practical Tips To Maintain Spirituality Post-Ramadan

5 Practical Tips To Maintain Spirituality Post-Ramadan

A new mother will spend her entire 9 months of pregnancy preparing for her child to enter the world through material means, more commonly known as nesting. She’ll buy and wash her new babies clothes, buy a crib as well as build and set it up. She’ll most likely have a gender reveal and even a baby shower. She’ll celebrate with her friends and family. It is all wonderful and in essence very beautiful; because celebrating life, in particular new life, is just that: beautiful.

Due to all the festivities that come along with having a child, it is very easy to get caught up with this life. From housework, to raising children, to parenting, and in some instances, to our 9 to 5 jobs, it is justifiable to neglect our spirituality. But we must remember that children are only an accessory in this life.

Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children…” [57:20]

So, the real question is: How do we keep the spirituality and remind ourselves that this life is but a means to an end?

Here are a few practical tips we can follow:

1. Read the Qur’an often, if not daily

I don’t mean just reciting, which has its own benefits, but reflecting upon the verses we recite. Take notes, highlight what resonates with you the most, write your favorite verses on sticky notes and stick them around the house.

2. Find what reminds you of God the most

For me in particular, it’s death. Anytime someone around me passes away, whether I know them personally or not, I can’t shake the thought that we will all return to our Lord one day. I will be in the same position as the deceased: cold to the touch, stiff, wrapped in a shroud, lowered into my grave, and questioned about how I spent my life.

3. Fall in love

Fall in love with God just like you fall in love with anything else. We fall in love with our spouses, our children, our hobbies. Read about God, relate to what God requests of us, understand why he requests such things, and fall in a deep, deep love. More than likely, following his commandments will be easier just as it is easier to do things for the ones we love.

4. Redefine your normal

Is it normal for us to eat a lot of different foods in Ramadan? Keep it simple. Simple food increases our spirituality. Memorize and recite the duas for daily activities. There is a dua for entering and exiting the bathroom, stepping in and out of the house, seeing your reflection in the mirror, etc. As parents of the household, we choose how our family functions. If we don’t implement that spirituality we’re yearning for how will we ever attain it for ourselves and our families?

5. Have a reflection journal

At the end of the day, when all the kids are asleep, make it part of your night routine, just like skin care and oral care are, to write down all of your actions today (the good and bad!), and see how you can improve your reactions to particular instances for the following day.

These are just five simple tips that will make a big difference whether you follow them as an individual or as a mother (or father!) raising children. These steps do not have an age restriction, the young and old will benefit greatly from them, God willing.

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