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Coventry Runner Raised Over £52,000 For Coronavirus Victims While Fasting for Ramadan

Coventry Runner Raised Over £52,000 For Coronavirus Victims While Fasting for Ramadan

A former London Marathon contestant has raised £53,000 for the victims of the on-going coronavirus outbreak. Coventry-based marathon runner, Haroon Mota, who had undertaken marathon challenges for other charitable causes in the past, launched his Just Giving Campaign at the start of the holy month of Ramadan, running a total of 260 kilometres even as he fasted.

Mota set the challenge for himself after his original marathon plans were cancelled

A figure already known to the UK’s community of charity runners, Haroon Mota has undertaken charity challenges ever since his father died in 2013. For this year, Haroon’s original plans were to partake in the world Marathons in Berlin, London, Chicago and New York. His original goal was to raise £25,000 for Penny Appeal’s Emergency Response programmes to help people who are facing crisis, war and displacement.

However, these plans were put on-hold following the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting lockdowns. Although Haroon hopes to still partake in these marathons, including the London marathon which has been postponed until October, he decided to set himself a Ramadan challenge, running 260 kilometres over the course of the holy month by running 10 kilometres every day around Coventry, hoping to raise £50,000.

In addition to helping those displaced by war, Haroon also wanted to provide protection to refugee camps in Syria, Gaza and Yemen while distributing food packages and hygiene packs to elderly people who are isolated in the UK. He also provided help worth £3,000 to the food bank in Coventry which was hit by a break-in recently.

To increase the challenge for himself, Haroon opted to run at 19:00 every day, making sure that he would have fasted through the day and finishing only in time for iftar.

“Managing hydration, energy levels, fatigue and potential injury become even more difficult in these circumstances. This is going to be extremely tough but I’ll push myself and I’m very determined to reach my goals for the sake of charity insha Allah!”

The 260 kilometres itself is a reference to the 2.6 Challenge launched by the organisers of the London Marathon – originally due to take place on 26 April – and intended to help charities make up for the shortfalls caused by the lockdown.

“Together we can transform even more lives”

Commenting on his Just Giving page, Haroon said that he has been overwhelmed by the support he received. His initial goal of £25,000 was reached quickly, encouraging him to double the target to £50,000. The £50,000 target was reached by Saturday, 23rd May (the 30th Day of Ramadan), one day before Haroon finished the challenge, running the last 10 kilometres while streaming it on social media.

The donations have continued even after Haroon completed the challenge, reaching an impressive £53,000 by Monday evening.

On social media, Haroon thanked all those who donated, pressing that he could not have achieved his goal without the support he received. While he is looking forward to future challenges, he is eager to take a well-earned rest for now.

“I am enjoying putting my feet up and resting and feel proud and pleased with the money raised.”

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