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Cambridge Central Mosque Help the Most Vulnerable Members of the Local Community

Cambridge Central Mosque Help the Most Vulnerable Members of the Local Community

As communities across the United Kingdom continue to be affected by the on-going coronavirus outbreak, many of the most vulnerable members of society are struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis. Knowing that Ramadan, which has coincided with the lockdown, teaches generosity towards the less fortunate, Muslims across the UK have been sending aid and donations to those who are in need.

In Cambridge, such acts of charity were organised by the iconic Cambridge Central Mosque where volunteers are collecting, packaging, cooking and delivering meals for those in need, as well as the NHS staff in local hospitals.

 “It’s not just about the food”

The volunteers of the mosque, known for its iconic wooden arches, delivers around 100 hot and cold food parcels daily. They are directed at those who can’t go out: the homeless, the vulnerable, the refugees and the like. According to Faisal Malik, one of the organisers of the drive, the deliveries are not just about food but also giving them a sense that someone is out there looking out for them.

Another volunteer, Genc Hajdini, says that many Muslims get a new lease in life during Ramadan and said that the current situation has only motivated them to help even more,

The volunteers of the mosque not only deliver food directly, they also help resupply the city’s food bank and help raise funds for it. They also offer services to pick up prescriptions for those who need it.

“It is just so kind to provide something so that, when we finish a long day…we have something to nourish us.”

In addition to the needy, the volunteers also send food parcels to the NHS staff at the critical care unit of the Royal Papworth Hospital. Malik says it is the least anyone can do to help the staff who are putting their lives at risk combatting the outbreak. NHS staff also offered free journeys and food deliveries to NHS workers if they need it.

Hospital staff say that they deeply appreciate the help the volunteers have provided them with. For many, coming to a hot meal after a long and difficult day is very welcome.

In order to reach more people and help them through this difficult time, the mosque has also set up a helpline where anyone can call up anytime, to talking about issues they are struggling with and ask for help.

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