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Yet Another Tory’s Islamophobia Exposed and The Party Failing to Take Proper Action

Yet Another Tory’s Islamophobia Exposed and The Party Failing to Take Proper Action

The Islamophobic comments of yet another member of the Conservative Party has been revealed. According to the anti-racism group, Hope Not Hate, Winchester City Councillor, Judith Clemenston was found posting Islamophobic comments on her Twitter account.

According to the head of the local Tory group, Clemenston has since been suspended pending an investigation. However, Clemenston denied any wrongdoing and claimed that she was suspended for other, unrelated reasons, and the city council claims they have not been notified by the party of her suspension from the Conservative group and is still listed on their website.

“Islam does not listen to compromise”

The Islamophobic tweets of Councillor Judith Clemenston, who represents Denmead, were first exposed by the anti-racism group, Hope Not Hate. In the tweets which used the handle @Clem205, Clemenston claimed that Islam was taking over the UK and called for action.

“When will you snowflakes realise that Islam does not listen to compromise; they see as weakness and will just keep coming! That is why they are overrunning our cities. The only way to deal with a cancer: cut it out or zap it fast,” read one tweet.

Another claimed that Islam’s goal is to rule the world and suggested that “Hell is full” of Muslims.

Clemenston also made comments about immigration in general, suggesting that “indigenous Christian British” population is being outbred by immigrants who are overrunning cities and “breeding like flies”.

When confronted with the tweets, Clemenston did not take or deny ownership of the tweets but instead denied any wrongdoing with regards to the content of the tweets.

“There is no room for debate in this country anymore. I’d rather not be a Conservative than be told what to do or say. Whenever you try to say something outside of the normal, people just want to label you,” Clemenston said to a local paper.

Clemenston has been suspended, pending an investigation

Responding to the allegations, Councillor Caroline Horrill, the leader of the Tory Group on the city council, said that Clemenston has been suspended from the Conservative Party, pending an investigation, adding that she is therefore not a member of the Conservative Group.

Another party spokesperson also confirmed that she is no longer with the party. However, the city council website still lists her as a member, leaving it unclear whether she has actually been suspended or not. When asked, a city council spokesperson said: “The chief executive has not been notified that Councillor Clementson is no longer a member of the Conservative Group.”

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