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Muslim Family in Birmingham Threatened and Abused by Racist Neighbour

Muslim Family in Birmingham Threatened and Abused by Racist Neighbour

A Muslim family from Birmingham were threatened and attacked with a barrage of racist abuse by their neighbour. The family told the anti-Islamophobia organisation, Tell MAMA, that they were having a family barbeque in their garden when they were attacked and said that the neighbour continued to ignore warnings from the police about harassment.

Tell MAMA says that the West Midlands Police are now investigating the attack which was captured on video.

The family was enjoying a barbecue when they were attacked

According to Tell MAMA, the incident took place in the Birmingham area on June 23. The identities of the family were kept confidential in respect to their privacy. However, the organisation said that the family was enjoying a barbeque in their garden when they started hearing their male neighbour shouting from within his property.

Among the slurs shouted was “f*** off back to where you come from” and “f*** all of you.”

The neighbour, described as a white male in his sixties, entered his own garden, still shouting abuse including calling the family “terrorists”. Some of which was captured on camera.

Not content with shouting abuse, the neighbour then rushed towards the fence and struck it with his hand while threatening the mother of the family with violence.

The man had reportedly been warned about his racial abuse by the police before. However, the man appears to have ignored the warnings and continued his attacks.

Tell MAMA said that the incident is now under West Midlands Police investigation.

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