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Churches in Moseley to Hold Annual Iftar Meal Online for 2020

Churches in Moseley to Hold Annual Iftar Meal Online for 2020

The St Mary’s and St Anne’s Churches in Moseley, Birmingham, announced that they will be moving their “Moseley’s Big Iftar” event online. The event, the first of which was held last year and was a great success, will take place on Friday, May 15. Church officials said that just like the previous year, the event is open to everyone and that food deliveries containing vegetarian biryani, cake, fruit and dates can be made by anyone who requests them.

Last year’s Big Iftar was a great success

Last year, the St Mary’s and St Anne’s Churches in Moseley Birmingham held an Iftar event, looking to bring Christians and Muslims together. The event was a great success, bringing together over 100 people in both churches, Muslims and non-Muslims. Following last year’s success, church officials were keen to hold a similar event in 2020 with hopes that it would become an annual event.

Unfortunately, the on-going coronavirus outbreak has caused the original gathering to be cancelled on account of the lockdowns and the social distancing policies.

Undeterred, Church officials have decided to take the event online. Like many other online Iftar events, Moseley’s Big Iftar will now take place over the teleconferencing app Zoom. Church officials said that anyone who registers for the event is welcome and those who request it will be sent a food package containing vegetarian biryani, cake, fruit and dates enough for the whole family.

Last year, the Muslim guests read from the Holy Qur’an before the group prayed together and broke fast. The plan is to do the same this year, but over Zoom instead of in person. A drawing competition for children is also being held, with the deadline for entry on May 8.

Vicar Duncan Straithe of St Mary’s Church in Moseley told local papers that he sees the event as an opportunity to bring faiths together regardless of differences in age or community. He said that he hopes this can help educate people to respect differences and engage different communities with each other.

“We believe that on an interfaith level, our two religions coming together like this will reduce religious prejudice and fear for our Muslim friends,” he added.

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