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University Research Warns That Ramadan Can Affect Those with Type-2 Diabetes

University Research Warns That Ramadan Can Affect Those with Type-2 Diabetes

A new research by the De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) warns that poor sleep patterns, a lack of physical activity and fasting during Ramadan can impact the lives of those with Type-2 Diabetes negatively. Dr Abdullah Alghamdi, who conducted the research, warned that people with Type-2 Diabetes should seek medical advice on whether they should fast or not.

The warning is especially important these days due to the on-going coronavirus outbreak. The impacts of Type-2 Diabetes can be worsened by the prolonged lack of physical activity that often results in lockdown. In addition, those with Type-2 Diabetes have already been found to be more vulnerable to COVID-19 and tend to suffer higher casualties compared to those without.

“Some people manage their diabetes perfectly well but others may be putting their health at risk.”

The research was conducted by Dr Abdullah Alghamdi and under the supervision of Professor Parvez Haris and was carried out in Saudi Arabia in which he tested 16 women and 20 men with Type-2 Diabetes. Alghamdi used FitBit to measure exercise, rest and sleep for seven days in Ramadan and two weeks after Ramadan. His research found that during fasting, there was a significant fall in how much people slept, with most of the group getting less than six hours sleep. It is known that lack of activity and sleep can impact how much glucose and insulin is used by the body.

In his research, Alghamdi acknowledged that previous research had shown that fasting can benefit Type-2 Diabetics but argued that the total lack of activity would negate any benefits. He warned that while in normal Ramadans, people visited families, markets or mosques, this year, most Muslims are stuck at home and are getting practically no exercise. He advised Muslims in the United Kingdom to take full advantage of the daily outside exercise permitted by the government and advised them to also do physical workouts indoors if they can. He added that under Islamic laws, people with medical conditions can be exempted from fasting and advised anyone with Type-2 Diabetes to seek doctor’s advice.

COVID-19 has been found to be more harmful to those with Type-2 Diabetes

Just as the ongoing coronavirus lockdown can worsen the effects of Type-2 Diabetes, the illness caused by the virus, COVID-19, can be worsened by Type-2 Diabetes. Medical research is finding that mortality rates due to COVID-19 are four times higher in people with diabetes. According to research conducted by the Emory University School in the United States, patients with diabetes and hyperglycaemia have an in-hospital death rate of 29%, compared to 6% to those who did not have either condition. Type-2 Diabetes and obesity have been found to be especially risky for patients who have COVID-19.

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