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How To Prepare For Eid In Lockdown: Tips For Mothers

How To Prepare For Eid In Lockdown: Tips For Mothers

As we sail through Ramadan and try to reap the benefits of the last ten days, parents and especially mothers, begin to prepare for Eid. In different cultures around the world, traditional sweets and cakes are prepared prior to Eid, so that on the day, family members and guests can come together, indulge in the traditional sweets, and celebrate after returning from Eid prayers. Muslims are encouraged to wear new clothes, presents are exchanged, and Eid money is traditionally given to children by parents and grandparents.  

In the days leading up to Eid, we would usually see shopping centres and high streets overflowing with Muslim shoppers looking out for the latest and greatest fashion trends. Masjids would be packed for the Eid prayers, and during the summer seasons especially, celebrating Eid at the park has become a growing trend. In June 2018, we saw a record number of 140,000 worshippers in Birmingham’s Small Heath Park; one of the largest Eid celebrations in Europe!

But Eid Al-Fitr 2020 will be very different for British Muslims and Muslims around the world. Local governments have urged people to stay home in light of the global pandemic. The masjids will not be open for Eid, and for most of us, going out is not an option. So we will have to create the atmosphere of Eid celebrations in our own homes. How exactly do we do that you say?

Well, I have always been a fan of creating the perfect Eid vibe at home for many years. Personally, I usually stay home with my family members and enjoy the festivities at home. But how should we prepare for this Eid in particular as many high street shops and businesses are closed? Here are some top tips on how we can manoeuvre these challenges.

1. Where to buy Eid Clothes?

Though usually, I don’t like online shopping and prefer to go out and look at what I buy physically. Given the current circumstances, we can’t go out. But we can browse millions of online retailers and buy our new Eid clothes from there. Bear in mind that you should be doing this as soon as possible, as some online retailers take up to nearly 2 weeks to deliver packages. No time like the present to start browsing the online stores!

Another good way of keeping it simple, cheap and cheerful is to get yours or the children’s Eid clothes from the supermarkets that are open for essentials. A lot of mothers have resorted to buying it from supermarkets, as some parents are not very familiar with online shopping, while others might be on a budget. Even if we are in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we can’t look our best for Eid. We can dress well, and use social media to connect with family, friends, and have video calls, take family pictures and share them with relatives. 

2. Decorate, decorate!

Another way to create that Eid vibe in your home is to fill your house with Eid decorations. This can be balloons, banners, bunting or lights. You could also create your own decorations in the days before, and make sure you get your children involved, as this will  get them excited for Eid. Pinterest is filled with loads of ideas on how to create Eid decoration and has many Eid sweet recipes to follow too. 

But if you’re not the creative type, you could simply go to, who have a variety of vibrant decorations to suit your needs and taste. Ebay or Amazon are other great options for mothers to buy their decorations or presents from. 

3. A gift for you!

Moving on to Eid Gifts, I personally buy gifts for the children and wrap them up so they are excited to open up their presents on Eid morning. If you are planning to buy your children Eid gifts, then this should also be done prior to Eid by a few weeks if you’re shopping online, so that the deliveries come in on time. You could also buy your Eid gifts from supermarkets as they also have a variety of children’s toys to choose from.

4. Plan activities and think outside the box!

Eid should be a joyous celebration, so we should try our best to make sure that the joyful atmosphere is felt amongst the family on the day. A great idea is to play games on Eid. One of my children’s favourite things to play is Piñata. You can buy this online or at your local supermarket, fill it up with sweets, and all the family members can have a go at hitting the hanging figure. It’s loads of fun and the children get super excited when the sweets are scattered all over the floor. 

During warmer seasons, it has become a trend amongst Muslim families to order a bouncy castle for the children. If you have a garden, it is a lovely way for them to enjoy their day outdoors, especially while we are in lockdown. BBQ’s are another great way to make the evening meal extra special.

So below is a summary of the ideas you might want to consider to make your Eid in lockdown one that your children never forget!

  • Buy or pre-order yours and children’s Eid clothes online
  • Order and purchase the Eid gifts you wish to give on Eid day
  • Make or order your Eid decorations
  • Make your traditional sweets, biscuits or cakes a few days beforehand 
  • If the weather permits, order a bouncy castle (make sure that they are still delivering during the pandemic) 
  • Prepare the food you will be having a day before
  • Get your hands on some stencils for henna designs before Eid day
  • The Eid Takbir (chant) is one of the greatest sunnan (recommended acts) of Eid day, and it is encouraged to recite it throughout the day. You can play it loudly in your homes on YouTube.

There are lots of innovative ways you could celebrate Eid within the walls of your own home. I have presented some of my go-to Eid suggestions, but feel free to adjust it to suit your own family’s needs. But above all, make sure that this year, you definitely celebrate it in any way, shape or form. This Eid will be an opportunity to bring some light into this period of darkness. Though we may get tempted to visit friends and family, remember we are in the midst of a pandemic, and don’t want to risk the lives of our loved ones for just one day. 

Stay safe, stay home, and have a joyous Eid!

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