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Saleha Islam

Saleha Islam trained as a social worker over three decades ago. She was particularly interested in helping those people from BAME communities as she was aware that their cultural and spiritual needs were not being catered for. She went on to train in a variety of therapies to be able to provide the best solution to the individuals and families she worked with, developing services for BAME communities along the way.

Saleha has had a varied work life: apart from being a management consultant and safeguarding expert, she also works as an integrative psychotherapist using all the skills she has developed and trained in including social work, solution focused psychotherapy, family therapy, Islamic counselling, as well as NLP and energy healing.

Her motto is that there is no shame in reaching out for help, and she works with community groups to encourage people to seek help and support in whatever area of life they need to or want to change.

Saleha says that we forget that Allah mentions self-development in the Quran: ‘Indeed Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves’. [13:11]

Saleha can be found on ImamConnect and on Instagram @Saleha_ healing