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Rhiannon Hawkins

My name is Rhiannon I am 19 years old University of Oxford student. I have been involved with Solutions not sides (SNS) since 2019 and attended SNS's Student Leadership Programme in 2019. I have also volunteered on tours with SNS to Leicester and Gloucester.

Rhiannon is a student at the University of Oxford studying Geography. She has been involved in the conflict resolution charity Solutions not Sides since 2019, attending their student leadership programme and volunteering on tours around the UK. Tour locations include Leicester and Gloucester. She is also involved in mental health advocacy and currently sits on the child and adolescent faculty executive committee in the Royal Institute of Psychiatry. Her main project has been focusing on how the ecological crisis has impacted upon the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Other projects have also looked at raising the age of criminal responsibility and how to improve patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also volunteers as a Cub scout leader when she is not in university. When she has spare time she enjoys cooking, hiking and reading.